At Advance Water Treatment we are mainly concerned in water, wastewater disinfection, treatment, that’s why our supplied system installations are located all over Egypt Governorates, From Chlorine Gas disinfection systems, Scrubbers, Alum Dosing Systems, Various Chemical injection packages and Water Monitoring, our goal to achieve reliable operating systems with high quality and long term lifetime.


Services & Supplies

Our broad range of services covers Procurement, Electro-Mechanical Engineering, Supplies, Commissioning Startup, Training of customized Chemical Dosing Packages depending on quality, the capacity of required treatment for Water, Waste Water, swimming pools applications.

 Our broad range of suppliers covering the following companies which we have been dealing with more than 20 years for the core of chemical disinfection packages.


We act as a sole agent, distributor for DE NORA Formerly SEVERN TRENT SERVICES (Form 14c available) an American company specialized in manufacturing disinfections & Treatment Equipment for the following brands.

Capital Controls Equipment which covers “Automatic Gas Control Valves, Chemical induction units, Ejectors, Gas Feeders, Gas Filter & Gas piping accessories, Pressure reducing valves, safety accessories, scales & accessories, Switch over systems, Vaporizers, and water monitors.

EST Scrubbers a complete line of EST industrial and municipal scrubbers includes both wet and dry scrubbers for emergency gas abatement, odor scrubbers, particulate scrubbers and complete line of systems for industrial installations in addition to standard designs, custom designs to suit your application are available, also offer wide range of materials of construction to handle even the most corrosive environments.

Clortec on-site sodium hypochlorite generation systems have a strong reputation as the leading global technology provider with a proven track record of 3,000+ global installations, Systems have been designed manufactured, installed since 1995.

Ozone A powerful oxidant with fast reaction time, no added chemicals, and reduced disinfection by-products, ozone is an appealing and growing option for water and wastewater treatment. capacities up to 6,000 lb/day (113 kg/hr), capacities up to 6,000 lb/day (113 kg/hr), Skid-mounted and containerized systems available.

Chlorine Dioxide oxidizes iron and manganese, is effective over a wide pH range, and does not react with ammonia. It is used for Legionella control, membrane pre-treatment and biofouling control, algae control, and disinfection/oxidation of ammonia-rich waters such as fish farming. An inherently safe all-vacuum system, Acid-chlorite reaction systems up to 1,500 lb/day (30 kg/h) on a single skid, Gas-phase reaction systems up to 2,500 PPD (50 kg/h) on a single skid, Does not form TTHMs, effective over a wide pH range, oxidizes iron and manganese

Exakta – A Division of SEKO Group

We act as sole agent, distributor for Exakta – A Division of SEKO Group  (Form 14c available) an Italian company specialized in the design and manufacturing of dosing systems, offers a whole range of plunger and diaphram metering pumps with flow rate from 0.6 l/h up to 7,800 l/h with a single head and pressure up to 700 bar, also process pumps are available up to 65,000 l/h and pressure up tp 1200 bar with broad range of pumps/systems categorized as follows

Mechanical Diaphragm and Plunger Spring Return Pumps A zero-leakage solution, safe and economical for low-pressure dosing applications. Mechanical diaphragm pumps are available with PTFE diaphragms and plastic or stainless steel pump heads.

Packed Plunger Metering Pumps Packed plunger liquid ends are made, as a standard, of stainless steel. Plungers can be hardened by surface treatment or lining. Packings can be chosen among a variety of materials: elastomers, PTFE, Kevlar, to match the aggressiveness of the pumped liquid and its temperature; the relevant connections for flushing or drain are available. The pump head is divided from the driving mechanism by open space, preventing the pumped liquid to pollute the lubricating oil. All these pumps are designed according to API 675 Standards.

Hydraulic Diaphragm Metering Pumps Combining the advantages of volumetric pumps with the seal-less nature of diaphragms, hydraulic diaphragm pumps offer the solution to many dosing needs, when the pumping conditions and the fluids are hazardous or polluting also for high-pressure applications. The sandwich diaphragm offers the advantage of more compact construction, with two parallel diaphragms installed without intermediate liquid; even if one diaphragm fails the second one ensures the pump operation. All pumps are designed according to API 675 Standards.

Process Pumps These pumps are the ideal solution for heavy and continuous duties where high capacities are required, critical liquids, to be handled for temperature or pressure reasons, maintaining the advantage of volumetric pumps. If coupled with appropriate drivers with frequency converters, it is possible to vary the capacity in a wide range. Reciprocating Triplex pumps are designed according to API 674 Standards

Dosing Systems Exakta has linked its success to a wide range of industrial fields by supplying complete dosing and injection packages throughout the world. Exakta is organized as a true technical consultancy service to each individual customer from the preliminary stage of the project through to the ordering, design, and manufacturing and after-sales technical assistance. In addition, standard injection dosing units specific for Oil & Gas application are available; solar panel energy supply on specific request.

All Accessories as Dampers, Gauges, Back pressure valves, safety relief valves, strainers, flow meters, Calibration Pots, Different Valves to form a complete system are available.


We act as a sole agent, distributor for Huijin Machinery Manufacturing Company for Steel welded chlorine containers (Form 14c available)

Our Management Team for more than 30 years has been dealing with so many different reliable vendors for supplying all needed accessories to fulfill complete reliable packaged systems for Electric Control Panels, Chlorine Containers, Valves, Cables, Piping, Cable Trays, Weighers, Booster Pumps, Fittings, Monorails, Breathing apparatus, etc ….


Advance Water Treatment (AWT) was formed in 1999 by Mr. Hany Abd EL Bary as a family company who worked in the Air Defense Forces for 22 years, worked in Water Treatment Industry for more than 30 years where he Founded Road Stars in 1989 and changed the company’s name to Advance Water Treatment in 1999. He acted as agent and distributor for Capital Controls acquired later by SEVERN TRENT SERVICES since 1992 acquired later by DENORA since 2015, agent and distributor for Bono Exacta – acquired later by Seko S.P.A – now named Exakta – A Division of SEKO Group, since 1996, In 1999 Eldest Son Eng. Ahmed Hany joined AWT, Since formation of AWT has built a comprehensive portfolio of installations through all Egypt Governorates for different types of disinfection and dosing Equipment for Municipal, Industrial, Domestic systems to analyze, treat, measure, deliver and protect our valuable water resources, Through all these years our main target to our different clients that we don’t just sell products we sell a complete customized solution to suit your requirements, we have installations Range from small size disinfection systems for villages, swimming pools, mid-range disinfection, up to single installation of capacity nearly 1 million m3/day installations for Water, Waste Water Treatment Plants, reference supplies Disinfection for Power Plants.

Management Team

Chief executive officer: Mr. Hany Abd El-Bary (Board of Owners)

Projects Manager: Eng. Ahmed Hany  

R & D Manager: Eng. Mostafa Hany

Head of Procurement: Eng. Esmat El Gamal

Technicians, Engineers Sales, Commercials, Administration, Logistic Staff: 20 Fixed Employees and 10 Temporary ones.