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Designed according to API 674 Standards, the 3C Triplex pump is the result of Exakta’s long experience in such as intensive and continuous industrial processes applications where reliability and durability are essential characteristics. The unique design of the mechanism allows the pump to operate at a very low speed without forced lubrication. The “3C” pumps are suitable for applications where a slow plunger motion is required e.g. to avoid cavitation when pumping viscous liquids, hot products or liquids having a low vapor pressure.

3C Series pumps feature silent and vibrationless operation due to a correct mass balancing and sizing. The integral crankshaft is supported with roller bearings at both ends while the crossheads are supported at both ends giving a very precise alignment of the plunger rods for a longer sealing life.

A compact and robust assembly means high performance can be achieved even in limited overall dimensions while the low speed design results in high reliability. The low speed of the pump gives some interesting advantages such as: reduced wear of the moving parts in general and specifically reduced wear of the plungers, valves and packing.

Plungers and packing maintenance is simplified. The replacement of such components for pump sizes other than 3C30 can be done from the front of the pump head or from the box side without disconnecting the pump from the piping.


  • Integral lubrication system (no forced lubrication) – giving higher reliability with lower costs and with  less need for maintenance parts 
  • Accurate mass balancing & ruggedness  that leads to a longer MTBF and reduced parts wear 
  • Lower weight-to-performance ratio that is optimized also for offshore topside installation 
  • Unique head design optimized for simple maintenance operations bringing with it increased productivity and shorter downtime 
  • Capacity can be adjusted by electrical motor speed variation with an appropriated frequency converter. 
  •  Liquid end: SS 316 L, 304 SS or C.S., different material on request
  •  Flow-rate adjustment: by Frequency Converter
  •  API 674 standard 
  •  Double head execution