AKTUA is our in-house designed electrical actuator series made to automatically, remotely and proportionally adjust pump flow rate. With its simple set up and installation, internal display 4–digit, 7–segment, AKTUA can even be calibrated while the pump is running and is available in an ATEX-compliant version for installation in hazardous areas.


AKTUA Electrical actuators have been designed to adjust the pump flow rate remotely (emergency manual override).

  • Easier installation in field
  • Internal display 4–digit, 7–segment display
  • AKTUA calibration possible also with the pump running
  • Available in standard version for installation in safe areas or ATEX version for installation in hazardous areas.
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The electric control can be fed in three ways:
• main feeding
• secondary feeding (optional)
• auxiliary feeding (optional).

Available Input Signals:
• Analogue 4 – 20mA, 20 – 4 mA, 0 – 10V, limits can be modified by programming
• Frequency digital 0 – 5 V, settable field 0.004 – 50 Hz; the set frequency indicates 100%
• Digital 0 – 5V not optoisolated (dry contact), it is possible to insert a switch from the control panel to activate or deactivate the electric control in an independent way
• Actuator consent 250Vac (optoisolated)

Available Output Signals:
• Analogic 4 – 20 mA on 500 ohm load
• Collector open, optoisolated and protected against reverse current 50mA max, 24Vdc, for driving an external alarm relay