Pulsation Damper

Previous Next Overview Pulsation damper is crucial to stabilize flow and pressure in circuits with the pumps, minimize or eliminate pulsations to increase the lifetime of the pump and accessories.…

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Safety Valves

    Previous Next Overview The safety valves are used to protect personnel and equipment from excessive pressure accumulation in a number of applications. Exakta can offer an extensive range…

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Calibration Pot

Previous Next Logo SVG icon Overview Exakta in house designed calibration pot, with its simple and accurate design, is available in 2 material configurations (316L-PVDF), granting full compliance with all pumped…

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pressure-gauge SEKO

Pressure Gauge

    Previous Next Overview Exakta pumps can be equipped with mechanical pressure measuring gauges designed to resist the most severe operating conditions created by the ambient environment and the process…

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