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Neutrlization Tower & Caustic Soda Tank Chlorine Gas Scrubber

Scrubber System is designed to neutralize a 1 Ton Chlorine Container at worst case leakage.  Constructed in fiberglass reinforced plastics. The proper corrosion barriers, resins, and cure systems are utilized to insure chemical resistance to chlorine, caustic soda and bleach at the elevated reaction temperatures present during the scrubbing operation. The Chlorine Laden Air in the Room is drawn into the scrubber by the Blower. Intimate mixing between the caustic solution and the gas occurs in the packed tower, resulting in the high scrubbing efficiencies required in the emergency gas scrubber.

1. Qty 5 Maintenance Manholes 500 mm
2. One Unit Tower & Caustic Soda Tank for best Circulation 
3. Best Design and smallest space achievable.
4. One Level Indiciator.
5. Drain, Over Flow, Suction Connections.
6. Suitable for installation outdoors.
7. Packing Height not less than 3.5 meters for best contact.
8. Total Height 9 meters.