The control valve shall be designed to automatically control the gas feed rate in response to a 4-20 mAdc signal. The automatic control valve shall be Capital Controls Series.

The valve shall incorporate a precisely contoured, corrosion-resistant plug and orifice which shall provide a linear control characteristic. For flow paced units, a manual dosage adjustment shall be provided. The control valve shall be provided with a gas flow transmitter when specified. In the event of power failure, gas flow shall be regulated by manual thumb-wheel adjustment of the automatic valve. No separate manual valve shall be required.

The control valve actuator shall utilize a heavy-duty stepping motor operating on 120/240 VAC, 60 Hz power. The valve motor shall have 200 steps per revolution. The valve shall have a 1-inch stroke with 3200 possible positions over the range of the valve. The valve shall make a minimum of 12 turns from fully open to the full closed position.

The valve actuator signal conditioner and positioner shall incorporate state-of-the-art integrated circuitry. Printed circuit boards shall be Humiseal coated to meet MIL-R-5272 specification for corrosion resistance. All valve actuator components, all electronics, and terminations shall be housed within a gas-tight, corrosion-resistant, NEMA 3R

The automatic control valve shall be capable of wall or cabinet mounting.