The gas feeder shall be vacuum operated and shall convey the gas under vacuum from the vacuum regulator to the ejector/check valve assembly to maintain complete system safety. The gas feeder shall be housed in a floor cabinet constructed of corrosion-resistant Polystyrene. The cabinet
front shall be removable to permit access to the internal components. The cabinet shall house a dual scale (English/ metric) gas flowmeter and an automatic control valve and be sized for an operating maximum capacity of (200 kg/h)(according to order). The cabinet shall also include a vacuum gauge. The automatic controller can be remote wall-mounted or attached to the floor cabinet with an optional bracket. The vacuum regulator shall be mounted remotely from the floor cabinet for safety. All components carrying gas shall be made of materials suitable for wet or dry gas service. All springs shall be of Hastelloy C construction. The automatic valve plug shall be of materials suitable for the specified gas.
• Safe, reliable all-vacuum operation
• Front access to internal components
• Superior materials of construction
• Variable capacities up to 10,000 lb/day (200 kg/h)
• Manual bypass rate control valve
• Microprocessor-based automatic controls
• Accurate gas metering of Chlorine; Sulfur Dioxide; Ammonia or Carbon Dioxide
• Versatile vacuum regulator mounting
• Automatic switchover gives uninterrupted service
For process water, waste treatment and water treatment in the municipal or industrial marketplace
Disinfection: Potable water, municipal wastewater
Chloramination: Potable water
Dechlorination: Textiles, wastewater effluent
Cooling water: Control of slime and algae in piping, heat exchangers and cooling towers
Irrigation systems: Slime and algae control
Process water: Chemical and pharmaceutical manufacture, food (washdown, canning, bleaching, taste and odor control)
Cyanide, chromium removal: Metal finishing wastes Zebra mussel control