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NEXA Series is a line of full-motion mechanism metering pumps, available in packed plunger and hydraulic double diaphragm head versions. NEXA metering pump features a capacity range up to 7800 l/h with a single head and an operating pressure up to 350 bar for the hydraulic diaphragm and 660 bar for plunger diaphragm (higher pressures on demand). Flexible set up along with a wide range of wetted parts allow the pump to cope with different fluids and conditions.


Exakta Industrial processes long-standing experience of designing and producing pumps for heavy-duty applications has been utilized for the industrialized design of the Nexa series. Its highly flexible pump configuration and easy maintenance allows for customization of the pump even post-installation.

A range of hydraulic double diaphragm metering pumps designed according to the API 675 standards. The use of various high-grade materials during construction allows these metering pumps to satisfy every liquid dosing and mixing application, including hazardous areas given their compliance also to the ATEX European Directive.

Designed to produce low noise emissions and to minimize power consumption. Each mechanism comes complete with an internal gearbox allowing different pumps to be added together to form multi-head pump units, providing greater flexibility in selecting the pumps themselves. Its high precision stroke adjustment, to an accuracy level ± 1%, can be both manually or electrically adjusted using Exakta designed pneumatic actuators.

Other features include a zero-leakage profile offering watertight construction for dosing toxic, corrosive and other hazardous liquids; its double diaphragm protection system immediately signals the anomaly whilst not stopping the pump from working, thereby preventing immediate downtime. Separation of the hydraulic fluid from the mechanisms’ lubricant ensures the two fluids have independent and differentiated functions and are therefore kept separate reducing contamination risks.

Plunger Pumphead:
  • Reliable and easy maintenance
  • Ready for flushing connection or for leakage recovery system connection
  • Plunger coating or mechanical surface hardening for heavy-duty application
YN – TN – HN – BN
Diaphragm Pump-head:
  • High capacity flexibility provides on-site easy volume changing by changing the piston cartridge
  • Easy to change spares parts (all “one cartridge” solution).
  • Maximum compatibility PTFE diaphragm
  • Visual or remote diaphragm failure detection


Multi injection points with one single electrical motor possible with:

Central motor with up to 5 pumps

Different sizes, adjustments and wetted parts