Water or process fluid passing through the nozzle produces a high velocity jet stream into the associated throat. This action (Bernoulli Principle) creates a vacuum that allows the vacuum regulator to feed process gas at a controlled rate. The process gas is controlled and monitored by the meter-rate valve assembly located between the ejector and vacuum regulator. The process gas, entering the ejector, is mixed with the motive fluid and transported to the treatment process via the solution piping.

The ejector creates a vacuum only when water pressure is applied to the inlet nozzle and when sufficient pressure differential exists between the ejector inlet water versus the water outlet pressure. Vacuum will be lost when the water supply is shut off.

The ADVANCE® ejectors are expertly engineered and carefully tested to assure years of satisfactory operation. They are constructed of the finest materials available for gas service.

Series EJ17C1

Previous Next Logo SVG icon Series EJ17C1 is a Multipurpose Ejector For On/Off, Anti-siphon, Backpressure  to 200 PSIGThe EJ17 ejector is a triple check design that is operated by the flow of water…

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