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Brief Specifications:

The CAPITAL CONTROLS® CHLOR-A-VAC® Series 1520 chemical induction unit offers improved chlorination/dechlorination through the high-efficiency mixing of gaseous or liquid chemicals with process water. CHLOR-A-VAC® features superior, cost-effective design, and is ideal for use in all-vacuum gas feed systems or to complement chemical feed pumping systems.

CHLOR-A-VAC® is the winning choice at industrial and municipal water and wastewater treatment facilities for use in contact basins,  headwaters, return sludge processes, clarifier inlets, collection boxes, equalizer tanks, and clear wells. CHLOR-A-VAC® offers a full range of gaseous and liquid chemical feed rates. Four models provide for chlorine gas feed rates between 1500 lb (15 kg/h) to 6000 lb/day (120 kg/h)
or liquid chemical feed rates from 25 to 50 GPM (94 to 188 Lpm) under vacuum. 

• High-Efficiency Mixing
• Safe, Reliable Vacuum Feed
• Reduced Chemical Consumption
• Lower Operating Costs
• Easy Retrofit
• No “Off Gassing”
• Reduced Support Requirements
• Pressurized silicon carbide mechanical seals