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Chloralert™Series T17CA4000 Chlorine Detector

The Chloralert™ Series T17CA4000 is a low-cost, simply operated device designed to detect and provide a warning of the presence of chlorine gas in the air.

In General:

The unit is suitable for use in any location where Chlorine is manufactured, used or stored, provided the Chloralert™ is protected from rain, snow, sleet, and subzero temperatures. The detector may be mounted remotely with up to 26 feet (8 m) of sample pipe or located within the Chlorine area. The detector contains a local alarm light and electrical contacts for the actuation of external alarm devices in the event Chlorine is sensed.
Factory set alarm levels of 1 ppm or 3 ppm are available, and alarm relays can be supplied as energized in alarm condition (STD) or de-energized (Fail-Safe). 

The Fail-Safe design also includes an optical flow switch to detect when there is no sample flow.

• Simple to Operate – Self-contained test switch permits functional check of circuitry.
• Low Maintenance – Under normal operation unit needs cleaning once a year (8 months if continuously operated at a maximum temperature of 149°F (60°C). No reagent bottles to refill. Plug-in alarm relay.
• Sensitive – Will sense and alarm at chlorine levels below the threshold of smell to conform to the OSHA Short-term Exposure Limit of 1 ppm.
• Adaptable – Small, lightweight unit is easily wall mounted where space is available.
• Convenient – Self-contained sample system permits the unit to be mounted remotely, even out of doors when protected from inclement or subzero weather, with sample pipe run to Chlorine area.