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Elektra series combines the reliability of the spring return motor driven pump with a remote data management and programming system, featuring a broad range of flow rates, including high flow rate up to 1000 l/h at up to 20 bar. Elektra pump brings the ultimate in precision digital dosing and remote data management further enhancing operational cost advantages through ease of programming from any smart device or pc as well as traditional display.


SEKO has harnessed the power of data on demand and the Internet of Things (IoT) to connect its pump users to their equipment like never before with Elektra, a revolutionary controller that provides invaluable live and historical data on demand from any location worldwide.

Currently available for use with the Spring series of motor-driven pumps, Elektra uses a built-in web server to give water-treatment application managers the power to remotely monitor and adjust key pump parameters such as chemical dosage and flow rate via PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone, offering vast potential for precise digital dosing, process optimization and cost control.

With features such as an alarm log at their fingertips 24/7, operators can identify the need for planned preventative maintenance, scheduled regular maintenance or emergency call out; helping them minimize costly unscheduled downtime even if they’re thousands of miles away in another time zone.