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The De Nora Water Technologies gas filter is intended for the filtration of the gaseous phase of chlorine, sulfur dioxide or ammonia. It is recommended for use on a pressurized gas system with manifolded ton containers, bulk gas supply or downstream of a vaporizer prior to gas line regulators.

The body is fabricated of ASTM Carbon Steel with ASME Class 300 forged steel large tongue cover flange. A removable 316 SS filter basket, containing three filter pads, is mounted within the filter body to trap the pipeline impurities before they reach the feed equipment.

The filter is constructed with an open volume below the filter elements to trap any liquefied impurities that may have passed through the piping system.

The De Nora Water Technologies gas filter is available in two options, American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME) certified for lethal substances and Non ASME certified. ASME certified units are designed and fabricated to meet the requirements of ASME, Unfired Pressure vessel code section VIII, Div 1, for lethal substances

Both units comply with Chlorine Institute (Pamphlet 6, Edition 15) recommendations for Class IV gas service covering materials of construction and operating pressures.

• ASME certified (optional)
• Meets ASME requirements for pressurized lethal gas service (optional)
• Conforms to The Chlorine Institute Class IV pressurized gas recommendations
• 666 psig (4591 kPa) maximum allowable working pressure