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The DeNora/EST “Mobile Break-Point Gas Arrestor” (MB-PGATM) is used to create a vacuum for capturing and neutralizing fugitive chlorine emissions often experienced at connection breaks in chlorine (STS media) and/or sulfur dioxide (PHD media) gas handling systems.
It is equipped with a powerful, permanently lubricated, two-stage by-pass motor.



Motor/fan housing, filter, use-counter with reset, removable mounting cover & clamp ring, bottom-up air inlet gas diffuser, long power cord and durable HDPE 55-gallon dry scrubbing media filled tank. It is mounted upon a heavy-duty dolly system equipped with easy foot-lock roll casters. Also included are hold-down straps to secure the tank to the dolly and hold the suction hose when stowed.

Electrical Rating: 120V 60Hz AC 11.5 Amps