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The MicroChem® 450 controller is packed with a wide range of features that ensure disinfection control is working at peak performance. Uniquely suited to control schemes that utilize two process inputs, the MicroChem 450 can control a broad range of chemical feed applications Easy to navigate the software with a touch screen interface allows the user to monitor, operate and quickly tune their control system for optimal performance.

User-customizable control modes specific to automating chlorination and water treatment applications include flow proportioning, residual, and compound loop control. For dechlorination with sulfur dioxide or sodium bisulfate, dual input feed forward control mode is available. A standard PID control configuration is also offered for alternate applications if required.

The large color display allows for easy viewing of system conditions quickly. Commonly adjusted parameters such as ratio for dosage control and the setpoint adjustment for residual control are available on the main screen for easy access. An on-screen auto/manual button provides added flexibility to run the system in manual during maintenance periods. The MicroChem 450 controller coupled with a gas dispenser or chemical metering pump makes disinfection process control easy and painless.