870 Analyzer
870 Analyzer
MicroChem® Remote Mounted Measure Cells
MicroChem® Remote Mounted Measure Cells
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870 Analyzer
MicroChem® Remote Mounted Measure Cells
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MicroChem® In General

Transmitter/Controller Specifically designed for drinking and wastewater treatment plants, the MicroChem® is able to measure up to three of the following parameters: pH, ORP, Chlorine, Chlorine Dioxide, Conductivity, and 4-20 mA. The MicroChem® can be configured as an Analyzer/
Transmitter or a Controller. MicroChem® products are available packaged as a complete residual analyzer or as individual components allowing flexible configurations to meet specific customer needs.

 Analyzer/Transmitter – The MicroChem® is capable of accepting signal(s) from up to three sensors representing a wide variety of measurements. Also, probes can be used Click here for more information.

Controller – The MicroChem® can provide control of the measured parameter using a standard PID algorithm in conjunction with the sensor input signal, or as a PID Compound Loop controller utilizing the signal from the sensor and an optional 4-20 mA process flow signal. Two outputs are available from each channel card. One control output is available both as a 4-20 mA control signal or a pulse width modulation output. A second software configurable 4-20 mA output signal is available on each configured channel.

MicroChem® 870 Analyzer:

The MicroChem® 870 Analyzer forms a complete system for measuring/controlling residual Chlorine. The amperometric-based two-electrode measure cell is designed to continuously analyze free or total chlorine over the range of 0-20 mg/L for wastewater, drinking, cooling water and other process water applications.
The analyzer comes complete with a built-in pressure reducing valve to control sample inlet pressures up to 150 psi. Reagents are fed by a gravity feed system incorporating a seven (7) day supply of reagent. Extralarge gold and copper electrodes are used for maximum signal strength making this measure cell particularly well suited for sometimes difficult wastewater applications. Water sample temperatures are measured, displayed and allow for automatic compensation of the chlorine levels.
The 870 measure cell is constructed using corrosion-resistant materials. The measure cell electrodes are self-cleaning. The continuous action of PVC spheres inside the cell by a motor-driven striker insures electrodes are kept clean. Maintaining clean electrodes insures reliable readings from the analyzers. Each measure cell is supplied with sample and drain tubing as well as extra connectors to make installation easy at the site. A convenient wire tray is provided on the panel to organize the wire connections to the MicroChem® Instrument.