Model 1017B Automatic Switchover DN
Model 1017B Automatic Switchover
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The Model 1017B Changeover Controller: is used to provide a fully automatic changeover system to enable bulk gas or liquid sources to be switched over when empty to standby, full or replenished supplies. This is effected by a controlling solenoid or motorized valves in the two supply feed lines. 

The unit can be configured to operate a single or dual valve changeover system and provides duty/ standby/fail system status in response to high vacuum or low pressure signal inputs, depending upon whether gas or liquid supplies are being controlled. Automatic or manual reset of the controller on removal of these signal inputs can be selected. The different modes of operation available from the unit are set by an internal DIP switch to prevent accidental change of mode.
The operational state of each system is notified visually by individual color-coded status and alarm lamps specific to each system. The status can also be monitored remotely if required using voltage free telemetry contacts incorporated in the unit. The changeover may be controlled locally by its front panel mounted selectors, or remotely in response to signal inputs.

Design Features:
LED Status indication for:
* System No 1: Duty
   • Standby
   • Fail
* System No 2: Duty
   • Standby
   • Fail
* Manual Override
* Reset / Lamp Test
Manual override mode: Overrides automatic control allowing individual control of system valves.
Relay contacts for remote indication of system in Duty, Standby and Duty/System Changeover.