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NEXA packed plunger head pump is the simplest and most suitable solution for dosing and transferring non-hazardous liquids. Very precise plunger surface finishing, with increased hardness for a longer working life, perfect alignment of the plunger in the seal and adjustable seal for flushing or leakage recovery ensure superior performances.

  • Liquid end SS 316 L
  • Flow-rate adjustment: manual, electrical 4-20 mA, Pneumatic 3-15 psig and/or SMART (protocol HART) servomotor and/or by frequency converter drivers
  • Pressure up to 200 bar
  • Flow rate up to 655 l/h
  • Vertical or horizontal motor position
  • Multiple head execution with different mechanism size and gear ratio.
  • API 675 Standards
  • CE and ATEX marking