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Meeting and exceeding API 675 3rd Edition STD, full motion (both mechanically and hydraulically) chemical injection pumps. These state-of-the-art pumps are designed with internal mechanism (number of strokes/1’ is independently selected by Exakta based on the application and, in case of multiple heads each unit has its own reduction gear allowing use of the right pump size).

Pumps can be supplied with motors arranged both vertically or horizontally and adjustment on either side of the pump casing.

Available in 5 sizes (N0 through N4) with different max stroke length and thrusts

All models also meet ATEX 2014/34/UE and TR CR 012/2011

Manual adjustment is stepless with locking device (fully meeting API requirement), on demand pumps can be supplied with: electrical actuator, pneumatic actuator/electro pneumatic actuator, motors suitable for VSD or motors with integral inverter.

Double diaphragm rupture detection comes as standard with local visual indicator that, on demand, can be upgraded to, pressure gauge, pressure switch and pressure transmitter (basically any brand and/or type)

Wide choice of wetted parts meeting process and environmental requirement, from standard ASI 316L, PP and PVDF to Duplex Steel, Alloy 20, Incoloy 825, Hastelloy C-276, Titanium etc.

Few specialty pumps are also available for:

• Extremely low NPIP/NPSH a (as low as -0.8 barg) and/or high suction pressure (up to 200 barg)
• 100% liquid tight pumps for carcinogenic or pyrophoric chemical
• High operating pressure (450 barg)
• Micro dosing at high pressure (0.1 litres per hour @ 200 barg)

NEXA Series are bespoke pumps meeting also each and every ancillaries AVL requirements, painting, documentation, technical passports and tests.

Metallic liquid ends are suitable for a Max Allowable Operating Pressure (MAWP) up to 40 barg, while plastic liquid end MAWP depends on chosen materials (PP, PVC, U-PVC, PVC-C, PVDF).