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Economical and reliable, with a mechanically actuated diaphragm, this model D is an ideal solution for industrial applications where chemicals have to be pumped safely at low pressure. A low maintenance requirement also provides an additional reason to invest in this model. The D Radix Series pumps adopt the principle of the eccentric rotor with a spring return to control the stroke variation and therefore the dosing of the pumped fluid. This principle is considered reliable, tested and simple to maintain. 

Diaphragm dosing pumps are especially used where pressures are limited within 10 bar. The diaphragm used in our pumps is designed to obtain the best volumetric capacity with variable pressure. The result offers an optimal capacity and a long life span of the diaphragm itself. 

Just one model with different stroke lengths and diaphragm diameters, covers a flow rate up to 460 l/h.