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Simplicity, reliability and easy installation are the key features of this line. Behind the new WS series lies the technical innovation of a double diaphragm sandwich with a spring return operating mechanism.

Combining the advantages of volumetric pumps with the sealless nature of diaphragms, hydraulic diaphragm pumps offer the solution to many dosing needs, where the pumping conditions and the fluids are hazardous or difficult. The principle of the double diaphragm sandwich type offers several advantages: there is a double barrier between the pumped and the hydraulic fluids and the hydraulic fluid can be chosen to be compatible with the pumped medium.

There are 2 models in the WS series.
WS1 Series is compact and robust and features an aluminium gearbox. Its flow rate ranges from 0.7 to 111 lt/h at a max pressure 60 bar. It has stainless steel or plastic pump head, single or double ball valves and a PTFE diaphragm. Standard connections as BBPF: on request flanged AISI, DIN, UNI. 

WS2 Series follows the same characteristics as the WS1 but has a flow rate from 1.5 to 500 lt/h at a max pressure 80 bar.