1. The gas feeder shall automatically regulate chlorine gas feed rates in response to a single flow or PLC input signal. The panel shall contain an automatic gas control valve with integral controller, gas flowmeter, optional vacuum gauge and optional high and low vacuum switches. The wall panel shall have a maximum capacity of chlorine gas feed rates in response to flow input signal. The wall panel shall have a maximum capacity of 3000 lb/day/60 kg/h and operate under sonic flow.
  2. The flowmeter with dual scale (English/metric) shall indicate the gas flow and shall have a maximum indicated capacity of _______ lb/day. The entire panel shall operate under vacuum from the gas inlet connection to the gas outlet connection.
  3. The valve shall incorporate a precisely contoured, corrosion resistant plug and orifice which shall provide a linear control characteristic. For flow paced units, a manual dosage adjustment shall be provided. The control valve shall be provided with a gas flow transmitter, when specified. In the event of a power failure, gas flow shall be regulated by manual thumb-wheel adjustment of the automatic valve. No separate manual valve shall be required.
  4. The control valve actuator shall utilize a heavy-duty stepping motor operating on120/240 Vac, 60 Hz power.
  5. The valve motor shall have 200 steps per revolution. The valve shall have a 1-inch stroke with 3200 possible positions over the range of the valve. The valve shall make a minimum of 12 turns from full open to the full closed position.
  6. The valve actuator signal conditioner and positioner shall incorporate state-of-the-art integrated circuitry. Printed circuit boards shall be Humiseal coated to meet MIL-R-5272 specification for corrosion resistance. All valve actuator components, all electronics, and terminations shall be housed within a gas-tight, corrosion resistant, NEMA 3R enclosure.
  7. The valve shall be powered by 120 or 240 Vac.
  8. The valve shall be equipped with a manual control knob (multi-turn) available to position the valve plug when dosage control is in “off” position or if power fails.
  9. The valve shall be able to feed chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia or carbon dioxide gases. The maximum feed rate shall match the flowmeter capacity indicated above.
  10. The optional vacuum switches shall be wired to the automatic control valve and have auxiliary contacts available for remote status indication.  The vacuum switches shall monitor the vacuum levels from the vacuum source and the vacuum level between the panel and the vacuum regulator.
  11. The panel shall be of rigid polyethylene. All components shall be pre-wired and pre-piped using materials suitable for gas service.
  12.  The vacuum inlet and vacuum outlet shall be 5/8 inch tubing for 500 lb/day and below, and 1 inch NPT for above 500 lb/day.
  13.   The wall panel shall be DE NORA WATER TECHNOLOGIES, INC. 2000WP.