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Brief Specification

The Series 3000CV Chloromatic™ Intelligent Gas Flow Control Valve operates on sonic velocity, no differential pressure regulator is required. The valve is designed to control chemical feed in water or wastewater applications. The valve is wall-mounted, responds to multiple process signals from a water flow transmitter and/or chlorine residual analyzer and is integrated with a microprocessor-based controller. Automatic control eliminates the need for continuous operator monitoring and manual adjustment of the gas feed rate with changes in flow or residual, especially where chemical discharge levels are regulated. And since manual system feed rates are based on peak process conditions, the automatic feed will reduce gas consumption. The integrated microprocessor-based controller eliminates the need for a separate controller to regulate your gas feed system. The intelligent valve is field configurable for flow proportioning, residual, compound loop or feed-forward control. Residual control is accomplished by a single-mode integral control loop with adjustable process lag time. All setup, tuning and control adjustment is achieved from the pushbutton panel. Standard features include built-in multiplier for feedforward control; automatic transfer from compound loop control when either the residual or flow signal is lost; bumpless transfer between manual and automatic control; digital vacuum fluorescent display; alarm indication; user-configurable alarm contacts; control contact inputs and a flow transmitter output signal.

The Series 3000CV is used in conjunction with a vacuum regulator, gas flow meter and an ejector to provide a complete system. (See Figure 1). 


up to 3000 lb/day (60 kg/h)