Series 4100B
Series 4100B with switches
Series 4100B with switches
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The floor-mounted gas feeder is enclosed in a corrosion-resistant Polystyrene cabinet. Ten different flowmeter capacities ranging from 10 to 3000 lb/day (200 g/h to 60 kg/h) provide versatility in meeting gas flow requirements. 

Manual Series 4110B gas feed systems consist of a cabinet, vacuum regulator and an ejector, or chemical induction unit. 

When automatic control is required (Series 4140B), the CAPITAL CONTROLS® automatic valve responds to control signals from a flowmeter or PLC. If residual or flow plus residual control is needed, the CAPTROL® Model 1451 controller is used. This could be cabinet mounted or remote mounted. The controller receives signals from a water flow transmitter and/ or Chlorine residual analyzer. If multiple feed points are required, remote meter panels and additional ejectors are available. Vacuum switchover is available to provide for uninterrupted service to 3000 lb/day (60 kg/h)