480-Vacuum Gas Feeder DN-CC
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Brief Specification

The chlorinator design shall be of the vacuum operated, solution feed type. The chlorinator shall be constructed of materials suitable for wet or dry gas service. All springs used in the vacuum regulator shall be of tantalum alloy. The rate valve and seat shall be solid silver. A diaphragm shall be provided for vacuum regulation. The rate of gas feed shall be set manually and shall remain constant until manually changed. The gas shall flow at sonic velocity is eliminating the need for a differential pressure regulator.

The vacuum regulator shall mount directly on the container valve by means of a corrosion-resistant yoke assembly. A spring-opposed inlet valve shall close tight upon loss of vacuum. Each vacuum regulator shall be equipped with a loss-of-gas indicator and a gas flowmeter. A spring-loaded diaphragm actuated pressure relief valve integral to the vacuum regulator shall be provided to relieve gas pressure. The inlet capsule shall be a complete module, installed without the use of any tools.

The vacuum producing device shall be an ejector with a spring-loaded check valve to prevent flooding of the vacuum regulator or a CHLOR-A-VAC® chemical induction unit, Series 1420.

An automatic switchover module shall be provided with an automatic reset. The chlorinator shall be De Nora Water Technologies
CAPITAL CONTROLS® Series 480C. the vacuum regulator shall be of tantalum alloy.