Series 70AV2000
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Brief Specification

The Series 70AV2000 Chloromatic™ control valve is wall-mounted and responds to control signals from a water flow transmitter, a chlorine residual analyzer controller or a pacing signal from a central  control system. Automatic control eliminates the need for continuous operator monitoring and manual adjustment of the gas feed rate with changes in flow, especially where chemical discharge levels are regulated. And, since manual system feed rates are based on peak flows, automatic proportional feed reduces gas consumption. The pressure feed Chloromatic™ valve is used in conjunction with the positive pressure ammonia feeder and process gas diffuser. (See Figure 1) 

• Integrated circuits and a single corrosion-resistant electrical enclosure increase reliability.
• The Chloromatic™ valve insures a positive response to a wide variety of electric signals representing either water flow or chlorine residual measurement. Optionally, both flow pacing and residual control signals can be accepted simultaneously in the Chloromatic™ valve.


Standard maximum capacities are: 420 g/h, 1.1, 2.3, 5.8, 11.8, 19, 36 kg/h