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Series 71V3B Vaporizer

The CAPITAL CONTROLS® Series 71V3B electrically-heated vaporizer automatically vaporizes and superheats liquid Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide or Ammonia at a rate controlled by the gas feed system. 

The vaporizer is designed and fabricated in accordance with Section VIII, Div. 1 of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, and is provided with an “L” stamp to meet the pressure vessel requirements of the code. 
The CAPITAL CONTROLS® Series 71V3B also meets the recommendations of the Chlorine Institute. The vaporizer is housed in a corrosion-resistant Polystyrene cabinet identical in size and color to the cabinet of our 5200B Series floor-mounted gas dispensers.

The CAPITAL CONTROLS® Series 71V3B vaporizers satisfy the testing and inspection requirements necessary to meet Part UW-2 of the ASME code which covers vessels built to contain lethal substances.
• For Vaporization of Chlorine, Sulfur Dioxide or Ammonia
• Ranges to 12000 lb/day (227 kg/h)
• User-Friendly Operator Interface
• Automatic Self Adjusting Solid State Controlled
• Cathodic Protection

Design Features:

• Heavy Construction: 1/2 inch wall thickness of the vaporizing chamber exceeds the ASME Code by more than 50%
• Efficient: Design affords excellent water circulation by natural convection; no circulating pumps, or mixers are required
• Automatic: Water chamber temperature is automatically controlled by a digital electronic temperature controller
• Convenient: Minimum attention is required by operating personnel

A low water level switch is wired to shut-off the heater should the water level drop to a preset low level in the water jacket.
An automatic pressure reducing and shut-off valve, controlled by the water low temperature and low water level switch, is installed in the gas line to the dispensing system. This valve will automatically close when the water jacket temperature falls below a preset limit or the water level drops below its low setpoint, preventing liquid from entering and flooding the gas feeding system.
A pressure relief valve, installed in the gas discharge line, operates when the pressure within the gas chamber exceeds safe limits.
An optional diaphragm protected pressure switch will give a contact closure when the system pressure emergency vent exceeds the design pressure of the rupture disc.

Standard Unit Features: 

• Electrical immersion heater
• High impact Polystyrene cabinet
• PVC foam insulation
• Stainless steel water chamber
• Gas pressure gauge (psi and kPa)
• Gas temperature gauge (°F and °C)
• Super-heat baffle
• “L” certified vaporizing chamber
• Water level sight gauge
• Water low-level switch
• Digital electronic temperature controller
• Water low-temperature contact
• Electronic cathodic protection system