AS 100 till 4000 capacityAS 100 till 4000 capacity
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A.          The automatic vacuum switchover module shall be wall mounted and operated on a spring-loaded toggle. The module shall be capable of switching from one source to another source at a feed rate starting from 100 PPD to 4000 PPD ( 2/5/10/40/75 kg/h) chlorine.

B.          The automatic vacuum-operated switchover module shall automatically switch the gas supply from an empty source to a full source. The system shall have automatic reset and shall not permit the return to the initial gas source until the second gas source is exhausted.

C.          The switchover shall be constructed of molded plastic, suitable for wet or dry gas service and all springs shall be of tantalum alloy.

D.          The vacuum inlet and outlet shall be (*** inch) -according to the capacity- tubing connectors.

E.          The automatic switchover module shall be Capital Controls ADVANCE AS****C.