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Series EJ17C1 is a Multipurpose Ejector For On/Off, Anti-siphon, Backpressure  to 200 PSIG

The EJ17 ejector is a triple check design that is operated by the flow of water or process liquid flowing through it, under sufficient pressure and velocity, to create the necessary Vacuum to operate the vacuum regulator. Correct installation and proper care will ensure best operation. Read instructions carefully and save for future reference.


Each ejector shall be provided with dual back check valves and an emergency drain connection.  Accuracy of chlorine feed shall be +4% of the set rate over a 20:1 range for both automatic and manual feed. The single meter panel shall be wall mounted and provided with a chlorine gas flowmeter with dual scale (English/metric) indication. The flowmeter shall have a feed rate capacity up to 500 PPD/10 kg/h.

Within the ejector there are dual check valves and an emergency drain connection to prevent water from reaching the vacuum regulator.