Brief Specifications:

The meter assembly is designed to complement the Capital Controls’ Series NXT3000 vacuum regulators. The meter assembly is a variable area type meter and provides a visual indication of the gas flow rate set by the internally mounted manual rate valve. 

The rate valve is located at the meter outlet (top) and is sized to match the meter capacity.

The capacity range of each flow-meter-rate valve assembly is clearly indicated by a calibrated scale, direct reading in pounds per day (lb/d) and grams per hour (g/h) or kilograms per hour (kg/h), etched on the flowmeter tube.
The meter assembly on a gas feed system with an automatic Chloromatic rate valve assembly will have the rate valve knob glued in place on the outlet fitting.
NOTE: When two-meter assemblies will be used in series, (one mounted on the vacuum regulator and one
remote mounted) one of the meter assemblies must be supplied as an automatic unit, without rate valve.
The second-meter assembly will be supplied as a manual unit with a rate valve.